About Brigr

About BrigrAbout Brigr
We help teams understand their customers, make better decisions, and do great work.

Our Story

You have a dream to make something useful.

You pour hours of work with the best team in the world. You file for patents. You make mistakes. You rewrite, redo, test, fail and stand back up and get to the proof of concept, to product, to customer. Again.

Then you establish in the most beautiful city in the world and gather the team from 7 countries. And we knew we will make it again, because we already did this before - a company that delivered a simple useful service to hundreds of millions of people on 4 continents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the innovations factory with a global capability to bring more internet to more people in every corner of the world in a cheaper way.

Our Technology

Brigr is inventing, developing and bringing to the market new cutting-edge technologies to deliver connectivity. While doing so, we found out that telcos, app developers, ad networks, transportation applications and financial gateways can benefit along.

Brigr is Happy to Be Here to Change the Way the Internet is Delivered.
Bahram Ahmedzade
Brigr, Co-Founder
Inventing, developing and bringing to market the products for telecoms.
Bahram Ahmedzade
Bahram Ahmedzade
Alex Feigin
Alex Feigin
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We are building the technology to drive connectivity around the world
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